fredag 22 februari 2013


zon 7

Planterad 29/4 -09, första blomman 3/7
Fick bladmögel på sensommaren.
-10 första blomman i början av juni, klipps samtidigt ner
för att bli buskigare.
-11 första blomman 5/6
-12 första blomman 8/6, blir lång och gänglig,
Står rätt skuggigt.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I love the pictures of the roses and I like knowing the details of them, however I always wish you would write a little something under each picture, it could be about the day or the flower or how long it took to bloom or where you bought it...just giving you some ideas and then you will get more followers of people who check in to see what you have to say and see the flowers...

    1. Hi, this blog is only where I`m doing an list of all the flowers in my garden! In my other blog "Mammas Blommor" I present my roses whith more pictures and more words!

  2. I didn 't know, it doesn't say on the blog that you have another blog to go to for more information, thanks for letting me know, I will go over to visit...